Meet Blanche

This is Blanche. She is my lizard. That’s right, my lizard (also known as the unrelenting self-critical voice inside my head). Now don’t go getting all self-righteous on me because I have a lizard. You have one too and it’s stronger than you think.

For a long, long time, I tried to shut Blanche up. I tried to feed her grapes. I tried to persuade her to take naps. I even tried to reason with her.

You know what? She didn’t listen. Why would she? She’s a lizard, for Pete’s sake. She has a reptilian brain-what did I expect?

So I recently have decided to embrace Blanche and the crazy things she says every day. If Havi Brooks can have her rubber duck as her sidekick, then I can have my lizard, dammit. I’ve decided that Blanche should join us in this blog.  I’ve noticed that when I publish her fearful phrases to the world, when I tell other people what good ol Blanche is saying,  it’s quite funny. Blanche makes people laugh. Granted it’s unintentional, it’s probably because her attempts at keeping me fearful and freaking out are eerily familiar to others, but gotta hand it to her, she makes people laugh. And laughing feels good.

So welcome, Blanche, from all of our lizards. Personally, I can’t WAIT for her to join us on the blog about Valentine’s Day, coming very soon.


~ by projectlifedesign on February 11, 2010.

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